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iced coffees, mac miller, tanning, vodka, my girls, fake nails, dark hair, sexy guys, tattoos, pink, victorias secret, glitter, leopard, summer nights, amy winehouse, big brother, the beach, michael kors, dancing and having a good time.
about me
junior. black hair, green eyes, tan skin. east coast. sarcastic ass bitch. that's all you gotta know.
people who think they're top shit when really they're a nobody, gingers, ugly looking nails, freckles, feet, ratchet ass hoes and people who don't understand my sense of humor
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Anonymous: Why are you so stupid?

i think its cause my teachers gave up on me as soon as i reached middle school

Anonymous: Don't fuck with Jzul dumb shit

who the fuck is that

Anonymous: dirty trash

probably all the same person ya fucken lowlife

Anonymous: I'm going to rape you in the duck face


Anonymous: trash

why dont you come off anon then well see whats up

favorite person on bgc

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